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Why we like MP3Million

Tracks are very cheap at only 10¢ a song and the new site design has made it much easier to use

The scoop on MP3Million

MP3Million have recently started their website again from scratch, with a new design, new albums, new pricing structure, the full works. So, a new review is in order! First impression is that it's much easier to use than the old website and it's packed with music. The site is easy to navigate and has help guides on how to pay, how to register and how to download. All very good things if you are unsure of how these sites work. Our verdict: A great looking site, with the good offers, it's kept very up-to-date and is really, really cheap!

Signing Up

Registration with MP3Million is very simple, you just need to provide a few details and then you're ready to start topping up your account and buying cheap mp3s. MP3Million are offering customers 2 free songs after sign up, this is enough for 2 songs to try out their service before you add your own cash.

Payment Options and Offers

MP3Million accept Visa, MasterCard or PayPal as forms of payment. The minimum top up to your account is $15.00. This amount applies everytime you want to top up your account. However, as with most mp3 download sites, if you top up a bit more, they give you a little something back:

Top up $30 to get $15 free, top up $50 to get $50 for free or top up $100 to get $125 for free.

Special deals, updates and all other site offers can be seen on our Offers page.


Track prices on MP3Million stay the same across the site at just 10¢ each. As with all sites, album prices do vary depending on the number of tracks they have. MP3Million don't offer an album discount, so if an album has 10 tracks, the price will be ten times the track price. Nice and simple.

Music Selection

MP3Million have over 2,393,091 tracks, which is one of the largest libraries on the web. As with all sites, songs can be previewed before you purchase, (the preview is low quality, the actual download is much better). This site is the best for the preview service, a little music player appears on the site which allows you to play, stop and listen to a part of the track. This works really well and we've got no idea why no-one else has this feature yet!

Search Facility

The search facility on this site is as good as the other sites we have reviewed. It finds what you want, but doesn't display a big long list like other sites. Nor does it miss off results, there's a genius 'view all' button under the search results. A very good simple, feature that helps you use the site.

File formats & Bitrates

MP3Million offer only mp3s, all of which are DRM free. This means that they can be can be played on anything and everything you like that is capable of playing mp3s and there is no limitations to the number of copies you can keep. The quality of tracks from MP3Million ranges from 184-320kbps, which is high, so you don't need too worry too much about what quality you are downloading your mp3s in. See full descriptions of: DRM Free Music and Quality.

Will it work with my iPod/iTunes?

Yes it will. All songs downloaded from MP3Million will work with your iPod, iTunes Library, iPhones, Laptop, MP3 Player, Car Stereo, Media Centers, everything you can image that can pump mp3s out of it's speakers. All downloads can be used with Windows Media Player, Winamp, and other Media Players. Read how to put you're downloads into your iTunes Library here: iTunes Guide.

Just music?

Music, mp3s, songs, whatever you want to call them. Just good, cheap music.

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