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Why we like MP3Caprice

Great quality songs at a very good price with an incredibly low top up amount.

The scoop on MP3Caprice

MP3Caprice has to be one of our favourite sites for looks. It's a very simple design that works really well. The quality of music is amazing, it's very up to date, offers new and old music and is very easy to use. What more could you want? Our Verdict: Songs may not be as cheap as other sites, but the quality of music is a lot better and the low top up makes it a site not to be missed!

Signing Up

Registering with MP3Caprice is really easy, it takes a few seconds. You only need to provide a username and password and that's it. MP3Caprice do not offer any freebies when you sign up unlike other sites, but you can get free tracks and credit from the site when you do certain things. See below for more details on this:

Payment Options and Offers

MP3Caprice accept Visa, MasterCard or PayPal payments. The minimum top up on the site is very low, at just $10.00. However, if you top up a little more, you can get up to 25.00 free:

Top up $10.00 to get $1.00 for free, top up $25.00 to get $5.00 for free, top up $50.00 to get $15.00 for free or top up $100.00 to get $40.00 for free.


Track prices on MP3Caprice are just 12¢ a song. They aren't the cheapest, but they are one of the better sites to use, with good customer service, are up-to-date site and best of all, an easy-to-use site! There is no discount on album prices, but albums will still cost you a lot less from MP3Caprice than from other sites like iTunes.

Search Facility

MP3Caprice have a good search facility. However, the results could be displayed more clearly, but it is very accurate. Once you have found the music you want to download, you can buy individual tracks or the whole album if you prefer.

File formats & Bitrates

Quality on MP3Caprice is excellent, all tracks on the site are 320kbps. See full descriptions of: DRM Free Music and Quality

Will it work with my iPod/iTunes?

Yes. All mp3 songs downloaded from MP3Caprice will work with your iPod and iTunes without any problems. All music is DRM free too, so it can be played on any mp3 device. Read how to put you're downloads into your iTunes Library here: iTunes Guide.

Just music?

Yes, MP3Caprice just offer music. No audiobooks or anything else fancy.

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