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The Lavamus website is down, and has been for sometime, for reasons unknown. The site only appears to be down for customers in the UK though, which is a bit odd.

We're not sure if they are closed for good, or if they are just having problems, but either way, it doesn't look promising for them.

If you're after an alternative to Lavamus, we suggest MP3va or MP3Million; both are cheap, reliable and have no history of closing unexpectedly. However, there are loads of mp3 shops out there, check out our reviews page for more.

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MP3 Fiesta is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

This is a popular question, where can I get unlimited mp3 downloads for a whole year for a fixed fee? Well, luckily for us, MP3Fiesta are offering a great deal at the moment, where you can do just that! There are two options, a Gold  Annual Unlimited subscription, this will cost you just $149.95 for a year of unlimited mp3 downloads, or the second option, the Platinum Lifetime Unlimited subscription, this will cost you $249.95 for a lifetime of unlimited mp3 downloads from the site. Both of these subscriptions will also give you some free movie downloads from their movie partner site, MovieBerry. The Gold account gives you 15 free movies, the Platinum account gives you 25 free movies. To find out more about MovieBerry, visit Visit with MP3Fiesta or MovieBerry now to see more about the sites and what they offer.
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MP3Million Offer
It may be almost February, but you can still get some Christmas deals from MP3Million.

You do need to be a customer of the site, but registration is free. Once you've registered, you will need to top up your balance before you can start downloading music, however, the offer allows you to get a lot more for free from the site than you would usually get.

So what can you get:
When you top up €30.00, you will get €30.00 for free,
When you top up €50.00, you will get €70.00 for free,
When you top up €75.00, you will get €150.00 for free.

So if you're looking for somewhere to download music, check out this site before the offer runs out.

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MP3Caprice are giving customers the chance to earn free music in return for posting reviews about music albums on the site.

So, if there's an album you love, hate or have something to say about, log onto MP3Caprice and spill the beans! You do need to be registered, if you're not already, you can do so here: Register with MP3Caprice

Once you've posted the review, it will be submitted to MP3Caprice, where it will be passed onto a moderator. If it's approved, you will get $1.00 added to your account balance. That's enough for 8 whole tracks.

You can use the free credit to download any songs on the site, it doesn't need to be from a single album.

Head over to MP3Caprice now to start reviewing and earning free tracks.
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MP3Obsession are no longer supporting Iomoio. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

Ok, so it's not a new site we've found, but it's certainly an improved site. Iomoio have improved their service more than we could ever have hoped for!It's all new, all fresh, new design, new prices, new offers, everything has changed and it's all for the better.Songs are 16¢ each, which is very cheap. The minimum top up is just $16.00, which, again, is very cheap compared to others. The site is also very up to date, with new albums being added all the time.Overall, we love it! Check out the new improved site here: Iomoio.
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The all-mighty MP3Caprice have taken drastic action today and reduced the price of their mp3s to just 12¢ each.

This makes them one of the cheapest sites on the web, with only MP3 Panda and LegalSounds being cheaper.

But that's not all, MP3Caprice also have the lowest minimum top up at just $10, so you can afford to top up and download music even if you're a bit low on cash. Another good thing about this site over others is their mp3 quality; all songs are 320kbps which is excellent!

We love this site, it's a great all rounder and is very cheap compared to others. Definitely worth a look!
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Both MP3 Fiesta and MP3 Panda are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3 Panda and MP3Fiesta both have offers that will end today, so if you've not made the most of them yet, make sure you do before it's too late. The main offer is the 100% bonus. Any top up you make to your account will be doubled, so you will have twice as much credit to use on the site, meaning you can download twice as much music! Great news! There are other offers too, find out more about them on our previous blog posts: MP3Fiesta's Christmas Offers More Freebies from MP3 Panda Head over to MP3 Panda and MP3Fiesta to grab these offers before the end of the day.
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Got a new iPod?
If you were lucky enough to get a new iPod or mp3 player this Christmas, you might well be wondering where you can get some music for it.

Of course, the obvious choice is iTunes, but there are lots of places on the web that offer music for a fraction of the price of iTunes 99cents per song.

But the best part of it all is that these sites are safe, legal, easy to use and compatible with iTunes as well as normal mp3 players.

So what sites are there and just how cheap are they?

The first site we think you need to at least take a look at is MP3 Panda. This music download site offers mp3 songs for just 5cents each! That's an awful lot cheaper than iTunes, so you can pack your new toy with all your favourite music for around $20. And that's assuming you download A LOT of music! The next site you need to see is LegalSounds. These guys offer mp3 songs for 9cents each, so it's not as cheap as MP3 Panda, but they have a good site and a good reputation.

MP3 Panda and LegalSounds are both now closed.

The next site we recommend is MP3va. Songs are a little more at 15cents, but the site is easy to use and there are always good offers running.

Of course, these aren't the only sites, you can check out lots more on our mp3 website comparison page.

Happy downloading, if you get stuck or want more info or advice, feel free to email us.

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MP3Sale's Xmas Deal
MP3Sale is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Sale are offering some good deals during the Christmas period;when you top up €30.00, MP3Sale will give you €30.00 for free,when you top up €50.00, MP3Sale will give you €70.00 for free andwhen you top up €75.00, MP3Sale will give you €150.00 for free!Make the most of these offers before they expire, head over to MP3Sale now to get your hands on some free credit!
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MP3 Panda is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3 Panda are extending their 100% bonus offer up until the 10th January, so when you deposit $20 to your account, you'll get another $20 added to your balance for free!There are two other deals running too, a Platinum account and a Gold account.The Gold account allows you to download an unlimited amount of mp3s for a year for just $149.95.The Platinum account allows you to download an unlimited amount of mp3s for your entire lifetime for just $199.95.Head over to MP3 Panda now to get these offers before they run out.
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