MP3 Panda's New Offer and Update

MP3 Panda is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3 Panda have been running some good holiday offers throughout the last month.The big offer was 'Black Friday'. This gave customers 100% of their top ups back, meaning if you add $20, they will give you $20, making your balance a massive $40.This offer was so popular that it was extended for a few extra days up to the 7th December.If you missed out, don't worry, the offer is back by popular demand! The offer is running again from the 14th December until Christmas Eve on the 24th December.MP3 Panda are also having the biggest music update ever, so there will be loads of new and old music added to the site, making it one of the biggest one the web. Keep your eyes open for new stuff because it's going to be great.Head over to MP3 Panda now to see the site for yourself and read all about the deal. If you are going to top up, wait until the 14th December to make sure you get a 100% bonus!
Posted on 12-12-2009 

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