My PC Crashed, can I get my music back?

It's more than likely to happened to you before, your PC dies and you lose all your music downloads. If you're a hard-core iTunes downloader, you'll know that it's not easy re-downloading the music you've already purchased. If you've gone through the time-consuming task of putting all your CD's onto your hard-drive and you lose the lot, it's more hassle than it's worth to do it all again.

The sites we review here have a not perfect, but much easier, solution to this common problem.

When you download music from them, the mp3s go to the 'downloads' section of your account on the site. From there, you can download the music to any PC or device you want. The music you download stays in your 'downloads' section, so anytime you want to re-download a song, just log in, go to your downloads and hit 'download'.

Simple as that!

Happy downloading and happy re-downloading!

Posted on 29-09-2009 

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