Music Library Increases All Round

Last week, we wrote about MP3 Panda and MP3Skyline increasing their music libraries. Well, there's even more competition this week. LegalSounds and MP3va have jumped on the band wagon and added more tracks to their sites too.

This really is good to see; it means the sites are being kept up to date, they are being looked after and used. These sites are so cheap, that they always look a bit too good to be true. They look like they might never be used again after the initial build, they take your money and the site never has new and fresh music for you. But this just isn't the case. They are very well kept and the rising track count is proof of this.

As I said in my previous post, the battle is on to see who can compete with the all-mighty iTunes music library! So lets look at who offers what:

MP3va  1,190,088
MP3Million   1,903,663
Posted on 09-06-2009 

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