MP3 Skyline & MP3xclusive Price Drop

Both MP3xclusive and MP3Skyline are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Skyline & MP3xclusive have the biggest music libraries, (excluding Amazon and 7digital) with over 6,574,756 tracks to browse through and download between them.But what's even better than having a tonne of music to go through? When the price gets reduced that's what!And this month, both MP3Skyline & MP3xclusive have announced price cuts on all mp3s across their sites, making mp3 songs just 15¢ each! This means not one site that MP3 Obsession reviews offers mp3s for more than 15¢ per song! Isn't that just great news!So, this takes price out of the question when picking the right mp3 site for you. If price is a big thing for you, remember than MP3 Panda offer songs for 5¢ each and LegalSounds offer songs for 9¢ each. So there are cheaper options if you want them.Check out MP3 Skyline or MP3xclusive for yourself to see what you think. You can read the reviews of each here too if you more information about them and what we think of them:MP3 Skyline ReviewMP3xclusive Review
Posted on 23-06-2009 

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