MP3 Panda Track Count Increase

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After writing about MP3 Skyline increasing their track count, MP3 Panda have done the same thing. This is fun, lets see who gets to 4 million first! Then they really will have enough tracks to take on iTunes and rule the world with cheap mp3 songs for everyone!Either way, it's great news that the sites are adding more and more tracks all the time. At least we know they are up to date and can be relied upon to give us new music.Don't forget, not only are MP3 Panda adding more tracks all the time, but you can get a free album everyday (today's is the 2009 Eurovision Contestants). Also, tracks cost just 5¢ each. It seems there is nothing they cannot offer us! Join the queue of people asking for free cars now...... We wish!Click to go to MP3 Panda now for your free album, 5¢ tracks or just to have a look around.
Posted on 03-06-2009 

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