Where to get cheap summer songs!

So the sun has finally decided to shine, but where can you get the appropriate music to match this summer season? Well, most people with an iPod who love music are going to tell you iTunes. But we know that you can get music a lot cheaper than iTunes offer it for. Which means you can get loads more cheap mp3 songs than if you brought it from them. Or you can save the cash you would have spent and buy a nice cold beer in the pub tonight... we know what would do... buy more music of course!

So where can you get great summer tunes cheaply?

Well, it depends what you're after. If you love clubbing music, something that reminds you of the holidays you took last summer, them MP3Million is the site for you. With songs from 10¢, the site has every summer anthem album ever made, every mix you can think of is bound to be here.

If you're looking for a good bit of rock, any of the sites have this, but MP3va probably have the most with a good choice of metal, rock, black metal, death metal, heavy metal, grunge etc etc.

The other sites are all very generic, they cover a lot of all genres. So just sit back, think of all your favourite summer hits and get downloading them cheaply here at mp3obsession.com.
Posted on 06-05-2009 

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