MP3va - The Site For Unusual Editions!

MP3va are one of the better cheap mp3 sites, with songs at 15¢. They have a lot of music on the site, with over 1,181,700 tracks to download. They also stand out from the others for their low minimum top up amount, at just $14.95, compared to MP3Mixx $30.00.

But something else about MP3va makes them that little bit different; and that is their selection of special edition, deluxe edition and 2-disc specials they have on the site.

An example of this is Lady GaGa's 'The Cherrytree Sessions' album. MP3va are the only site to have it. The album has just three tracks on it, but it is rare music none the less!

You can pick it up from MP3va for just 36¢: Lady GaGa - The Cherrytree Sessions

So if you want something a little bit different, a special edition or rare cover, live version, or anything else, MP3va is the site to go for!
Posted on 01-05-2009 

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