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Well, we've changed our mind again and completely re-shuffled our order of sites that we review. As always, we want to present to you the best sites there are in the best order. And as we have said before, the cheapest site isn't necessarily the best site.

Our top recommended site has shifted back to MP3va. They have always been our favourite site, but after their song library dropped and they stopped offering PayPal, we decided to move them down in the list. But, they have proved themselves as a good site, with an increase in their song count and being very up-to-date. Not only that, but they have the best customer support out of all the sites. They do reply to emails, they do help with any problems you have and they are really polite as well! And that counts for so much when your dealing with the world of online sales.

MP3Panda is now closed, please see our comparison table for alternative sites. This reshuffle has also meant that MP3 Panda have come flying up in the list from 6th to 2nd. Just like MP3va, they have proved themselves as a good site. After our initial review of the site, we decided that they should be after other sites in our recommendations due to several reasons: - The minimum top up price at $29.95 was very high. - Their tracks were more expensive than others at 20¢ each, with some being 25¢. - They did not publish on the site the number of mp3s they offer which always looked a bit fishy. - Their homepage and entire site was very simple and difficult to browse. - Their freebies were a bit rubbish! Well, they have changed a lot on the site of late, reducing track prices to just 5¢ consistently over the site. Their track count is now visible on the homepage, the entire homepage has had a shake-up and is a lot more usable than before and they now offer a free album everyday to every registered user. Well done MP3 Panda!
As always, you can compare all the sites we review for yourself on the comparison matrix. The order we the sites in might not be right for everyone, each site has it's good and bad points, each site is good for a different type of user. Check the matrix or reviews for a full write-up on each different site.

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Posted on 20-05-2009 

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