New Review - SoundsBox

Soundsbox is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

Here at MP3 Obsession, we are always trying to keep things fresh and new. We always want you to have access to the newest and latest cheap mp3 songs, so we have added yet another cheap mp3 download site - SoundsBox.SoundsBox has been around since 2007, spreading the word of cheap mp3s all over the land! Say goodbye to iTunes & Limewire - legal, safe and cheap mp3 downloads are getting stronger by the day!SoundsBox charge just 14¢ per track, making them the 2nd cheapest site after LegalSounds. Their minimum top up is also reasonable, at just $20.00, which is enough for 142 tracks on their site. A definite competitor to iTunes!This site is a breath of fresh air, it's got a very crisp, tidy and bright site design, despite being entirely black! The site is easy to use, simple and works well. They are still under review however, so this could all change! Check back for the review soon.
Posted on 15-04-2009 

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