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LegalSounds aren't one for offers usually. With songs at 9¢, they haven't ever had to give customers anything extra - they are THE cheapest site and millions of people use them. But for whatever reason, they are now offering new users 10 Free Songs to download after registration.That's a lot of songs for free, almost a whole album. Combine this with their top-up offers and you have a blooming good deal and a lot of mp3s to get your teeth into!Just to remind you, their top-up offers are:Top up $39.00 to get 50 free songs, top up $50.00 to get 80 free songs and top up $100.00 to get 200 free songs.And we have also noticed of late that the Legal Sounds website is a lot quicker than it used to be. Searching doesn't take over half an hour anymore, always a bonus feature of a website. Not only that, but they have also added a lot more mp3s and seem to be updating their site a lot more regularly. We like to think it has something to do with us moving them from our first to second most recommended site... but who knows!Legal Sounds now also publish on their site how many tracks, albums and artists are in their library. Another useful feature of an already pretty clever website.Click here to register with Legal Sounds now and get this great offer.
Posted on 07-04-2009 

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