iTunes Price Rise

So iTunes have changed the music industry again! They have decided to raise the price of chart music from 99¢ to $1.29. This follows iTunes decision to remove the DRM from all of it's songs, allowing them to be played on any mp3 player, not just Apple products. The removal of the DRM has also led to some tracks going down in price, to just 69¢, which is great news; if you like old music and don't want anything in the charts.
It's great that iTunes have lowered some prices, but increasing the price of main stream music is going to cause more problems. There are still millions of people who download music illegally. How do the authorities plan to stop this? By showing illegal downloaders that buying music legally is expensive and the cost seems to be rising more and more. I don't think that plan will work personally. iTunes price rise is going to lead to more people looking for cheaper or illegal sources of music.

This price rise has also affected the charts in a big way. Songs that are $1.29 to buy from the iTunes store have gone down in the charts, with the songs at 99¢ rising in the charts. You have to stop and wonder why. I don't like the new Kelly Clarkson song enough to pay 30¢ more for it than I would have two weeks ago.

So what alternatives are there? Well this site is dedicated to providing the world with cheap mp3 downloads, so you're in the right place if you're after saving some cash. The best way to see the alternatives is to look at the comparison table. It lists various cheap mp3 sites, their prices, music selection etc.

Our favourite alternative to iTunes is MP3va. It's our top recommended site, offering customers songs for just 15¢ each, charts and all. That's $1.14 cheaper than iTunes. There are lots of other options too, LegalSounds offer songs for just 9¢ each. You don't need me to tell you that that's a lot cheaper than the wondrous iTunes.

The world seems to have gone mad...
Posted on 20-04-2009 

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