Is MP3 Obsession legal?

You might be wondering how mp3s are so cheap on this site and that it surely can't be legal. Well, the good news is MP3 Obsession is legal. We are a comparison website for cheap mp3 download sites. So that means all we do is compare the sites offering the music for download. We list their music, but have no control or influence over it. We're just giving you the best price we can find on the web for it.

So the next question is, are the sites we compare legal. Well, the answer to that is easy. Yes they are. All you need to do to confirm this is to check out any legal info section on the sites themselves.

But, to maker it easy and less technical, here is a sum up:

  • The music you download from these sites is legal to have as long as you only keep it for personal use. For example, you cannot use it on your personal website or for use in a public broadcast.
  • The sites themselves pay royalties on the music, so the artists are getting their cash.
Posted on 29-04-2009 

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