Free trials of cheap mp3 sites

If you are fed up of paying loads of money for music, but don't want to do it illegally, where do you go?

Well, cheap mp3 sites are the answer to that. The trouble is, should you trust them? If they are so cheap, why isn't everyone doing it?

The answer is they are. As more and more people are getting prosecuted for downloading music illegally, people are having to turn to the cheaper options for their music. But as nearly all cheap mp3 sites require a minimum top up to get started, how do you know if you're just going to throw away your $25.00?

Most sites offer a free trial of their service in the from of free credit when you register. Registration is free with all the mp3 sites, and here's what each one will give you:

MP3Million  10 Free Songs
Payplay  50¢ Free
MP3va  30¢ Free Credit (2 Free Songs)
Melodishop   4 Free Songs & 30¢ Credit

So whichever you pick, you're getting something for nothing. Then, of course, if you decide to stay with the mp3 site and top up your account, they have great top up offers, which can be found on our Offers page.

Posted on 30-04-2009 

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