MP3 Affiliate Programs

Make Money Selling MP3s

Below you will find a list of links to reputable mp3 download site affiliate programs where you can register to earn some cash.
Before you sign up, it's worth looking at what each site can offer you. Things like the commission rate, the minimum payout, their payment methods and promotional tools are all something to think about when you join any of them.
Commission Rate: 30% - 50%
Payment Methods: PayPal
Minimum Payout: $50

MP3va Logo More Info: MP3va give you a good commission rate based on the traffic you send them via your link. They do not offer too many promo tools like other sites, although their affiliate area has a lot of potential to be great! You can use advanced tracking with MP3va, see stats based on your visitors countries and a few other bits and pieces. Find out more about the MP3va Affiliate Program here. Register with MP3va
Commission Rate: 35% - 45%
Payment Methods: Webmoney, EPESE, ePassporte, PayPal, Wire Transfer
Minimum Payout: $50

MP3Caprice Logo More Info: MP3Caprice are a very new site, but have a great affiliate area where you can get hold of banners, ads and links, as well as in depth stats and other bits and pieces to help you advertise the site. You will need an invitation code to register with MP3Caprice. Contact us for an invitation code that you'll need to sign up.

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